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Unfortunately, the information on the DG part is outdated. To update this, we need your input!
Please help us by checking the information on the member countries section:  
We would like to know:
- member countries: is your country not in this list, please let us know.
- nr. population in your country
- nr. of IMD dietitians in your country
- nr. of IMD centers in your country
- corresponding member(s) of your country (minimum 1, maximum 3):
> name of corresponding member(s)
> emailadres of corresponding member(s)
> contactadres of corresponding member(s)- at least location/ city.
> telephone and/ or fax number of corresponding member(s). This is optional.
Further: if you have news worthwhile to share within our group, please don't hesitate to mention this! We are looking for: trainings-options for IMD dietitians, publications from IMD dietitians, events in IMD field and websites worth knowing about as a European IMD dietitian.
Please reply to the secretary of the SSIEM-DG:
Thanks in advance from the whole SSIEM-DG board.


Welcome to the Dietitians Group webpages

The SSIEM-Dietitians Group (SSIEM-DG) is a subgroup of dietitians within the SSIEM. Members are involved in the dietary treatment of patients with inherited metabolic disorders. Meetings of the group are held during the annual SSIEM symposium.

Communication is through meetings, corresponding members, SSIEM-DG website and e-mail.

Our main aims are:

1. to provide a network to facilitate communication amongst  dietitians  working with inherited metabolic disorders (IMD)

2. to provide education and training for people looking after IMD patients

3. to promote research in dietetic treatment of IMD
Membership: dietitian members of SSIEM, can automatically become an SSIEM-DG member. Please choose your interest in the DG group on the website when becoming a SSIEM member or when membership renewal. 

SSIEM –DG have been involved in co-ordinating a number of research projects about dietetic practice with different patient groups (PKU education, UCD, Homocystinuria, Galactosaemia and L-amino acids in PKU).

We are a corresponding partner of the European project "E-IMD":