1963 SHEFFIELD Neurometabolic Disorders in Childhood

1964 LIVERPOOL Biochemical Approaches to Mental Handicap in Children

1965 BIRMINGHAM Basic Concepts of Inborn Errors of Defects of Steroid Biosynthesis

1966 DUBLIN Some Recent Advances in Inborn Errors ofMetabolism

1967 NEWCASTLE Some Inherited Disorders of Brain and Muscle

1968 ZURICH Enzymopenic Anaemias, Lysosomes and other papers

1969 GLASGOW Errors of Phenylalanine, Thyroxine andTestosterone Metabolism

1970 BELFAST Inherited Disorders of Sulphur Metabolism

1971 LEEDS Inherited Disorders of Organic Acid Metabolism

1972 CARDIFF The Treatment of Inborn Errors of Metabolism

1973 EAST SUSSEX Inborn Errors of Skin, Hair and Connective Tissue

1974 HEIDELBERG Inborn Errors of Calcium and Bone

1975 WARWICK Medico-Social Management of Inherited Metabolic Disease

1976 EDINBURGH The Cultured Cell and Inherited Metabolic Disease

1977 ELSINORE Inborn Errors of Immunity and Phagocytosis

1978 BRISTOL Inherited Disorders of Carbohydrate Metabolism

1979 LEEDS Transport and Inherited Disease

1980 INTERLAKEN Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Humans

1981 SOUTHAMPTON Pathogenesis of Brain Disease in Hereditary Metabolic Disorders

1982 MANCHESTER Trace Metals and Inherited Disease

1983 LYON Disorders of Organic Acid Metabolism

1984 NEWCASTLE Inborn Errors of Vitamins and Coenzymes

1985 LIVERPOOL DNA Analysis and Inherited Metabolic Disease

1986 AMERSFOORT Inborn Errors of Cellular Organelles

1987 SHEFFIELD Disorders of Lipoprotein Metabolism

1988 GLASGOW Prenatal and Perinatal Diagnosis of Inherited Metabolic Disease

1989 MUNICH Disorders of Carbohydrate and Glycoprotein Metabolism

1990 BIRMINGHAM The Liver and Inherited Metabolic Disorders

1991 LONDON Mt DNA and Associated Disorders; The X Chromosome

1992 LEUVEN Inherited Metabolic Diseases and the Brain

1993 MANCHESTER From Genotype to Phenotype

1994 EDINBURGH Treatment of Inherited Metabolic Disorders

1995 TOLEDO Lactic Acidosis and Inborn Errors of Energy Metabolism

1996 CARDIFF Purine and Pyrimidine, Porphyrias and Homocysteine Metabolism

1997 GOTHENBURG Developmental Biology and Cell Signaling, Tyrosinaemia type I, Animal Models and Metalions/mitochondria

1998 YORK Mass Screening for Metabolic Disease,Neurotransmitters and Cerebral Organic Acidopathies, Defects of Fat Oxidation and Carnitine Metabolism andNew Techniques in Automated DNA Analysis

1999 GENOVA Cellular Organelle Membranes and Metabolic Disorders

2000 CAMBRIDGE 8th International Congress together with ASIEM,JSIMD and SIMD-Basic Science to Clinical Disease

2001 PRAGUE Growing Older

2002 DUBLIN Multisystem involvement in Inborn Errors of Metabolism

2003 BRISBANE 9th International Congress together with ASIEM,JSIMD, SIMD and SLEIMPN

2004 AMSTERDAM Metabolic Encephalopathies

2005 PARIS Treatment of Inborn Errors of Metabolism

2006 TOKYO 10th International Congress together with ASIEM, JSIMD, SIMD and SLEIMPN

2007 HAMBURG Molecular genetic and pathophysiological aspects of inborn errors of metabolism

2008 LISBON Interactions and regulations in IEM & InbornErrors of Metabolism One Century after Garrod

2009 SAN DIEGO 11th International Congress together with ASIEM,JSIMD, SIMD and SLEIMPN

2010 ISTANBUL Inborn Errors of Metabolism in the “Omics” Era

2011 GENEVA Vitamins and Cofactors and IEM

2012 BIRMINGHAM Phenotypic Diversity of Inherited Metabolic Disorders

2013 BARCELONA 12th International Congress together with ASIEM,JSIMD, SIMD and SLEIMPN

2014 INNSBRUCK Crossing Borders

2015 LYON Les confluences

2016 ROME Metabolic pathways, cellular networks and beyond

2017 RIO DE JANEIRO 13th International Congress together with ASIEM, JSIMD, SIMD and SLEIMPN

2018 ATHENS Old Roads, New Connections

2019 ROTTERDAM Building Bridges Report

2020 FREIBURG postponed to 2022 Event website

2020 Virtual Symposium 

2021 SYDNEY 14th International Congress together with ASIEM,JSIMD, SIMD and SLEIMPN

2021 Online SSIEM Virtual Symposium Day Event website

2022 FREIBURG Genetics meets Environment Event website


2024 PORTO

2025 JAPAN 15th International Congress together with ASIEM,JSIMD, SIMD and SLEIMPN

  • 13 - 14 March 2023

    SSIEM 2023 Adult Metabolic Course 

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  • 24 - 25 April 2023

    2023 SSIEM Academy, Manchester

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  • 15 - 16 June 2023

    GLUT1 Conference, Aschaffenburg, Germany 

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  • 29 August - 1 September 20232

    SSIEM Annual Symposium, Jerusalem

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