19 - 22 October 2021


Paediatric dietetics module 4 ADV740

This 20 credit masters-level module will enable you to explore the biochemical, pathophysiological and genetic bases of inherited metabolic disorders (IMD) and allow you to critically appraise the complex dietary therapies needed to correct metabolic derangements to ensure the long-term safety and optimal growth, amongst other things, of infants, children, adolescents and individuals approaching adulthood starting their own families.

You'll review and analyse the evidence base and develop application strategies for the safe and optimal dietary management of various disorders and gain the skills to evaluate strategies and rationale for emergency dietary treatments during metabolic decompensation. 

You will also examine the complex relationship and interaction between dietary management and drug treatment and their impact on biochemical and other outcome measures and have the chance to further investigate novel treatments and analyse your own contribution to the multidisciplinary team supporting patients, especially those with IMD who have begun to raise their own families.

This module can be taken as a standalone short course or as a pathway specific module towards the MSc Advanced Professional Practice in Paediatric Dietetics and is accredited by the British Dietetics Association.

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    Paediatric dietetics module 4 ADV740

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