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(Updated 30 June 2017)

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Two syllabuses are attached, one for clinical training and the other for people who will be working in a laboratory providing a specialised service for the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with inborn errors of metabolism. Both are intended to be comprehensive and it is not expected that all subjects will be covered in the same detail. The syllabuses have been endorsed by the SSIEM Council. The Clinical Syllabus has also been accepted by the European Academy of Paediatrics as the basis for training in the paediatric subspecialty of Metabolic Medicine.

Inborn Errors of Metabolism are diagnosed and managed predominantly by Clinical Biochemists, Paediatricians and Adult Physicians/Chemical Pathologists. Training must, therefore, fit into the existing national training programs for these disciplines and the SSIEM cannot specify how training is delivered. The attached syllabuses may, however, help national groups to influence those responsible for training programs in their own area. They may also help individual trainees who want to check they have covered the full spectrum of inborn errors.

It needs to be recognised that many centres will not be able to provide comprehensive training. Trainers, trainees and funding bodies need to appreciate that work at other centres may be needed to complete training.

Last updated 2017